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Sitzmark Club Policies

(Policies may be changed, added, or deleted by a majority vote of the Executive Board and the policies shall be consistent with the Sitzmark ByLaws. Most were approved by the Sitzmark Executive Board on April 16, 1997. Later additions are signified by date approved.) (This webpage was updated 2/16/15 by Sally Hed).

Executive Board and Executive Board Appointee Expenditure Policies:

1. The President or Coordinators must authorize any and all expenditures. 2. Any check request greater than $50 but less than $200 to an Executive Board Member must be countersigned by another Executive Board Member. (Modified August, 1999.) 3. Any expenditure greater than $200 shall require Executive Board Approval.

Executive Board Appointees

1. The President and the Coordinators shall be jointly responsible for appointing Board Appointees. 2. Dismissal of a Board Appointee shall require a majority vote by the Executive Board.

Executive Board Responsibilities

1. Members of the Executive Board and Board Appointees shall devote 1 hours during Regular Membership Meetings, e.g. from 8 to 9 p.m., to welcoming guests and new members and introducing them to members. 2. During transition period when Executive Board responsibilities are being transferred to the new Executive Board, the incumbent Board shall remain responsible for all functions and events begun by the incumbent board. 3. Sitzmark events may be jointly authorized by the President and a Coordinator as long as they do not involve Club expenditures, other than for space in the SITZMARKER, but they must not conflict with any other ongoing Club activities, especially Board approved events. These might include biking tours, Meet and Ski’s or other single day events. The Executive Board shall be informed of such events prior to publication. 4. The President and/or Coordinator should attend MSC meetings along with the MSC delegate in order to maximize the 2 votes Sitzmark is allowed at each meeting. (Adopted August, 1999.)

Executive Board Meetings

1. Executive Board Members shall attend every Board meeting. Board appointees may attend if they desire. 2. Executive Board Meetings may convene at a member’s residence or some other convenient location. A total of $25 is allowed for food preparation. All attending are encouraged to pay for beverages they drink.

Policies for Member Conduct

1. Actions that reflect adversely on the Club (See ByLaws of Sitzmark Ski Club, ARTICLET III, item 2) include those that a) flagrantly disgrace or embarrass the club; b) endanger or create a safety hazard for other members; c) violate any law (including those concerning sexual harassment and possession and/or use of illegal substances.) (Adopted 10-8-97.) 2. Members of the Executive Board, Trip Chair(s), Bus Driver(s), Travel Agent Representative(s) have the right to remove any persons from any Club functions at any time should a member perform actions that reflect adversely on the Club. The action may be reviewed by the Executive Board for further action. (Adopted 10-8-97.)

Admission Policies

1. Executive Board Members shall be allowed free admission to any regular membership meeting, but not special events that require additional admission fees, e.g. the Holiday Dance. 2. Executive Board Members shall be allowed free admission to the MSC Spring Banquet. 3. Appointed Board Members shall be allowed free admission to regular membership meetings when performing their duties as Board Appointees, e.g. Membership Director. (Modified August, 1999.) 4. Members assisting at the admission table and trip chairs will be allowed admission at ½ price to regular membership meetings. (Modified August, 1999.) 5. Guests attending regular membership meetings who enroll as new members at that time will receive a refund reflection the difference between the guest and member admission rates. 6. Non-members and guests may attend any one-day Sitzmark event at regular member admission rates, e.g., Saint’s Game, Limo Night, Minnetonka Boat Cruise, or a Meet & Ski. 7. Certain Board Appointees may be selected on an individual basis by the Executive Board for admission to the MSC Spring Banquet. These might include Appointees who attend every regular meeting, such as Membership Directors.

Trip Chairs

1. Executive Board Members shall not serve as compensated Trip Chairs except under special circumstances, e.g. a trip chair cannot run a trip due to illness or job demand. In this case, an Executive Board Member may serve as a Trip Chair and receive appropriate compensation as determined by the Executive Board. (Modified August, 1999.) DELETED AT BOARD MEETING NOVEMBER 16, 2006. 1. Executive and Appointed Board Members are allowed one exemption from Lottery on any one club trip of their choice during their term in office. 2. Appointed Board Members may serve as Trip Chairs provided it does not interfere with their appointment duties. 3. Refunds when Sitzmark Trips or Events generate excess revenues shall be made in $5.00 increments starting when revenues exceed $20.00 per person. For instance, excess revenues of $24.00 will generate a refund of $20.00; $26.00, a refund of $25.00; and so on. Trip chairs shall be responsible for mailing the refund checks after the Treasurer has approved the final trip report and written the checks. (Modified August, 1999.) 4. All Sitzmark Trip Chair Policies shall apply to any function advertised as a Sitzmark event or advertised by flyer in the SITZMARKER, irrespective of any special compensation offered by a travel agency or sponsoring agency. (Adopted 10-8-97.)


1. The deadline for submission of articles to the SITZMARKER is the first of the month preceding the month of the desired publication date. 2. All items submitted to the SITZMARKER pertaining to a Sitzmark function or event must have prior approval by a member of the Executive Board. 3. Articles, photographs, etc., shall be published in the SITZMARKER only once unless a specific request is made and approved by the President or a Coordinator. (Modified August, 1999.) 4. Members joining between May and October shall pay $15.00 per household for membership which expires October 31(regular membership period is Nov 1 - Oct 31 and the regular membership rate is $25.00 single/$35.00 couple. (Modified March 2000.)

Secretary Responsibilities

1. The Secretary should publish nomination and voting procedures for electing officers in the SITZMARKER at least 2 months before election. 2. The Secretary shall display a copy of the Sitzmark ByLaws, Policies and Board Minutes at regular membership meetings. 3. The Secretary shall distribute Executive Board Meeting Minutes to all Executive Board Members. Board Appointees will receive Minutes if request by the respective Coordinator.

Job Descriptions – Appointees

1. MSC Delegate(s), in conjunction with the President and the Coordinators, shall represent Sitzmark at MSC meetings. The Delegate(s) should provide a summary to the appropriate Coordinator or at a Board Meeting. 2. The Photographer/Historian shall be responsible for presenting picture albums, slide shows, videos, and/or movies at regular meetings (if appropriate) and at year-end show at the Spring Banquet.


1. Nominations: The Executive Board will present a slate of nominees for office. Additional nominations will be taken from the floor. Sitzmark ByLaws require both a nomination and a second for nominations from the floor. 2. Voting: The candidate receiving a simple majority of votes for a given office shall be elected to that office. 3. At the close of nominations, any candidate who is unopposed shall be considered to be elected; no vote shall be required. 4. If there is a contest for any office, the candidates for that office shall be allowed a maximum of five minutes to address the meeting. 5. If there is a contest for any office, the voting shall be by paper ballot. 6. Ballots shall be tabulated by the Secretary and his/her appointees. Anyone who desires may observe the process on a non-interference basis. 7. The meeting shall be governed by the Sitzmark ByLaws and the New Robert’s Rules of Order.