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Friday, Oct 24, 2014 Warren Miller Movie

6pm Happy Hour at Crave (downtown); 8pm Movie at the State Theatre, Minneapolis; for all details and to buy tickets, go to Details and Buy Warrren Miller Tickets


Pay for a Sitzmark Event

Sitzmark event organizers plan 100s of events throughout the year, but only our webmasters have the ability to add Paypal to an event listing. Therefore, we created this generic payment webpage which enables you to pay for an event, even if it does not have a specific "pay now" button on the website listing. Please contact the organizer of the event before you pay here to make sure it's OK to pay for it on-line or if you should add about 5% to cover Paypal. For some events, the organizer may need you to add 5% to the cost to pay for the Paypal processing fee. As Sitzmark is a non-profit, we price the events to break-even, so if we have not accounted for the paypal fee in the cost, the club may lose money on that event. For events like tennis, we include the Paypal fee in the cost, and have a specific "pay now" button to make the payment as we also use the pay button to keep track of how many players have signed up so far.

You do NOT need your own Paypal account to pay here - you can pay with a debit card, credit card, or by logging into your personal paypal accout. Because this is a generic pay button, the paid receipt goes to you and Sitzmark's accountant, but NOT the organizer - please forward your receipt to the organizer and bring a copy to the event.

Use this button to pay for something in increments of $1. For example, to pay $22, tell us the event you are paying for, and enter your phone number so we can contact you. Then hit 'pay now', which takes you to Paypal. On that screen, change the quantity to '22' - the new total will be $22. For 2 people, make the quantity to '44' for $44. Once you have checked out, please remember to forward your paid receipt to the event organizer. Thanks again for playing with Sitzmark.

Pay in $1 Increments

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